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Welcome, welcome…

by tjbeitelman

You have found Try 101. Where we embrace your creative effort and experimentation. Where creating something — anything — matters more than, well, anything. We’ve made a whole list of practices that can help you make what you make. And some exercises for writing, if that’s your thing. We’ve riffed, too, which is to say we’ve shared what we love about making things and what scares us or hurts us or puzzles us about it. You can avail yourself of that too. If you want. But mostly we just want you to make stuff. We want you to try. Amen. As salaam alaikum. Go. Do. Be!


by tjbeitelman

There are new Tryers coming aboard!

New voices. Same message: “Make the effort. It’s worth it.”

More soon…

Call for Submissions: Send Us YOUR 30 Things

by tjbeitelman

Last week’s communal 30 20 Things WE Love Right Now was so fun, we thought we try something new.

We’re now in the market for guest posts of 30 Things YOU Love Right Now. If you’re game to be featured in this space articulating your 30 Things, zap an email to [tjbeitelman at gmail dot com] saying, “Yeah, I’d love to guest post!” We’ll work out the scheduling logistics from there…

I’ve done this one other time before elsewhere and it was a blast for everybody involved.

So. Yes. Join the party! Won’t you?

How Things Work Around Here

by tjbeitelman

So. Yes. You can go to the About! page and find out who the Internet says we are.

Which is fine. We’re happy for you to do that. We’re all relatively Google-able too, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Or you can just take it on face-value that we are TJ, Sam, Laura, and Angela. And you.

Try 101 is on a mission: that is, to invite, encourage, and inspire the better versions of ourselves to step into the daylight a little more often than they might be inclined to on their own.

Which is to say: To put the Spirit in creative spirit.

Which is to say: To make the effort, to experiment. To continuously reboot.

We’re a work-in-progress. Kind of like, you know, the whole entire Universe.

Generally speaking, what all of this means is you’ll find the four of us posting stuff on the blog. 30 Things We Love Right Now. Or some Notes-to-Self. Other stuff too. The point is, you are always invited to join us, to do as we do. That’s why Comments sections were invented. One (good) reason, anyway.

We also might have some longer-form stuff for you to take a look at — manifestos, self-taught syllabi, etc. — and we even have grandiose visions of one day leading a small army of Try-ers in some New Millennium low-residency MFA program in Life.

Dare to dream.

But then again, you can make like Steve Jobs and audit every class, leaving no trace of your existence in the official records of the institution.

Whatever works for you.

Whatever helps you Try — more, better, kinder, gentler — than you have been on your own.

There’s safety in numbers. You may consider yourself inducted into our little tribe.

Or not. It’s totally up to you.

“Try 101: An Opening Salvo”

by tjbeitelman

4207 words of Try. The first of five installments. Nineteen days early.

But who’s counting?

Click here for the PDF. If you like it, share it.

More to come.


Your Mission (If You Choose to Accept It)

by tjbeitelman

You have found Try 101.

This is a good thing. With that said…

Full disclosure: Try 101 is not for everyone. Only boring things and things that suck are for everyone.

With that said: That you’ve found your way here in the first place suggests Try 101 may be for you.

Which is to say: Try 101 is for anyone who wants to tap into the Creative Spirit.

Maybe you want to make things. Worthwhile things. Things for you. Things for Others.

Maybe you’re not too worried about making Something in Particular. It’s fine by you if you do, it’s fine by you if you don’t.

Either way, there’s a very good chance you want to strike a better balance — in your life, in the world — between creativity and consumption. That probably means adding more of the former and subtracting some of the latter.

Newsflash: that’s fucking hard. But it’s the work of the Creative Spirit. And the Creative Spirit has the power to transform, transcend, transubstantiate. You know that. Or else: you know that if Try 101 is the place for you.

Something else you know: to access the Creative Spirit, all you have to do is — wait for it — Try.

Stay tuned. Soon — in 44 40! short days — there will be a manifesto. It will be free to one and all. It will be found here.

But really it’ll all boil down to one simple word. Three guesses what it is.

Yes. You guessed it.


Says here you don’t necessarily need no stinking manifesto to get cracking on that particular mission.