Who We Are:

  • TJ Beitelman is a writer and a teacher, not always in that order. He is alive and well in the Deep South. You can find him elsewhere @ tjbman.com.
  • Laura Didyk is a writer, teacher, visual artist, and bookseller living in the Berkshires. She’s also @ lauradidyk.com.

What We Do:

  • Maintain a kinder, gentler, more expansive definition of Practice.
  • Identify and honor our Process(es).
  • Bear Projects – wide-eyed, pink, bleating — into the world. (Or not.)

What We Want:

  • Here’s What Try Means to us. We want Try 101 to be equal parts destination and launching pad for the Creative Spirit. Ours. Yours. Anyone’s.

Our Beloved & Strategically Placed Adjuncts: