Thirty+ Things WE Are Loving Right Now

by sophiakartsonis

Fall, my fleeting but favorite of the seasons. I am eleven kinds of dorky over all of its charms, from the natural kaleidoscopic blizzard that’s kicking up a little already to the dream I become for the marketers of fifty shades of pumpkin (flavoring) from the coffees (mentioned below) to beer, hard ciders, to English muffins and Trader Joe’s Greek Yogurt, I adore it all, shamelessly. I wanted to hear what is moving others about this time of year so I asked a bunch of people to tell me one thing they were loving right now:

1. Me:  The coolish-warm light on the trees’ bark around our house in this first fall of our marriage!

2. .John Barret:  Geez, your thing makes “donuts” sound so mundane!! hahahah a Krispy Fall day! lol.

3. Jenn Gray:   the crisp smell of drying leaves.

4. Charlene Scot Luck:  I’m loving my 14-year old cat walking on the treadmill, crying out like a jungle beast.

5. Mike Dockins: I’m loving sleeping until 1pm every day

6. Denice Thompson:   Sam.. Grace.. Buddy.. Peanut & BooBear – waiting impatiently at home for someone to come feed them and let them out for a few minutes.

7. Stephanie Ladora Burton:  How sweetness can exist in sadness. Nothing more precious than a broken heart and the revelation that follows.

8. Alex Trimpe:  The smell of pumpkin coffee in the morning, and the chilly breeze that comes in from outside.

9. Les Kay:  Pumpkin spice lattes.

10. Mary Quade:  Toad lillies.

11. Andrea Horsley:  October is my favorite month and especially Halloween.

12. Mike Dockins: Also, Missy Higgins. I’m actually loving lots of things…. Although they’ll all probably make me sound like a terrific bum.

13. Sonya Fix: My plants that summered outside on the porch have been moved inside and are looking out the window longingly. And my gigantic wildcat girl is especially fluffy and loving these cool evenings, and snuggles up to me while I grade.

14. Andrea Beck: The sound of my daughter and her best friend playing make-believe on the swing set. ( currently they are talking apes)

15. David Levy:  I was so looking forward to the first episode of Season 3 of American Horror Story. …and it did NOT disappoint. I am actively looking forward to next week’s episode! If you could see my window, you’d see my face, looking forward.

16. Alix Ayoub: The weird yellow-ish light in late afternoon, combined with sight and smell and sound of dry grass, and the smell of cooler air and restaurants and exhaust— in a minute, it’s like being at my grandparents’, and if I turn around, the snow-capped mountains will be there.

17. Tom Glusac:  My new apartment.

18. Marcus Morris:  The song of NYC traffic on a late Friday afternoon.

19. Noel Ang:  I was walking around outside, and the sun did an excellent job of warming up my butt. It felt like my buttcheeks were loaves of bread rising in a gorgeous outdoor oven.

20 .Mary Poole:  My jasmine plant, Jasmine, is blooming madly and smells heavenly.

21. Rebecca Chamberlain: The smell of the wet leaves and wood burning stoves that linger over my neighborhood every fall.

22. Stephanie Rogers: Yer mom. In all seriousness: fingerless gloves. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to get through my workday. Also yer mom.

23. Hannah Allyse McGary:  Coming home to find a simple, torn-paper-note saying, “Have a good evening, sweetheart. I love you.”

24. Cynthia Roth: The powdery scent of clean sheets on our bed before the dachshund (the one with the handsome, hilarious, curly russet mustaches on his elbows and knees) burrows under the covers, changing the scent to something closer to leather and happiness.

25. Chelsea Rhiannon Boyd: The very, very happy that doing what I love brings.

26. (Our own) Kathrine Wright: The way disparate ideas come together to make something that belongs together, should always have belonged together, were idea’d in fact, to belong together.

27. Prabhakar Ravi Kudva: lying in bed, wanting things to be exactly the way they are: with some leaves on the ground, swirling with the wind, other flying around, so many bright.y colored on the trees (wish I knew the names of the colors :)), and the ones still green…

28. Ann Kline: The laughter of my grandsons jumping into a pile of freshly raked leaves

29. Liandra Kreil: The scattered dishes, tangled hangers, piles of half-read, half-unpacked and half-way promising books. The clutter I love, because it is MINE to hate. For I am the woman of my own home, the lover of my own husband. All of this brand new, but not in the squeaky shiny scared to touch it sort of way, thank God.

30. Scott A Stewart: The sharp bite of icy cold hard cider, finally ready after the first pressing and months of anticipation, refreshing the mouth and the mind, as homemade bread bakes in a farmhouse kitchen. The Autumn sun streaming sidelong though glass running rippled with age, gilding the wood panels in a gold wash.

31. Charlene Fix: The moon tonight: a perfect half, looking sliced, but really the dark side demurring.

32. Bo Clary: The way my dogs love to run.

33. Alejandro Bellizzi Materialism.

34. Natalie Jean: The thought that soon, soon, it will be time again for snow.

35. Leah Nielsen: Not to ruin the spirit of it….I am NOT loving pumpkins, which take over New England this time of year. I am loving the rest of autumn though….everything about it. The thing I miss most about Alabama is that winter is one long autumn. (Editor’s note: Sigh, I’d forgotten, but you’re right, it is. I raise my PUMPKIN toast to Tuscaloosa.)

36. Sarah Nicole Saker: How to Take a Fall by Ellliot Smith.

37. Liz Tilton: Making glass marbles.

38. Mitch L.:  This beer (but time is fleeting).