When you line up the dots, and the path they make isn’t where you meant them to lead you…

by kathrinewright

It’s time to move the dots.

Or change the dots.

Or get rid of dots altogether and use another analogy.

Like this. I have made a lovely life filled with stars. They are not dots, though they appear to be, by naked eye.

When life hands you a telescope, you better go out in the dark and see more.

When you know (know) how it should be, you are obligated to make it so.

Tomorrow (today) you could be almost 50 and realize how short the distance is until your end of the road. How long the distance is to where you need to go.

And it’s time now to get there, go there, make do, make it happen, move the metaphor, mix the message, mind the gap, build the bridge, bind the wheat, do the work to find the way.