Kalo Mina!

by ajanefountas

Καλο μηνα, pronounced kalo mina, literally means “good month.” It is a Greek wish expressed to others on the first day of the month. Like today, the first day of October. I wish you a good month!

“Good,” I often think, gets short shrift. The word “great” has come to overshadow “good.” But I like “good.” It’s meaningful. “Great” easily becomes overrated, but to be good at something, to do good, well, that’s something solid.

So when I wish you a good month, or kalo mina, or καλο μηνα, I really do hope you have a solidly good month. You might even want to make a list right now. What would make this month a good month for you?

My list: (1) write many new words toward a certain project, (2) better understand product management, (3) enjoy a trip east. Your list, like mine, doesn’t have to be long. Not many things have to happen to make a month good. Just do good things for yourself and others.