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Month: October, 2013

Words to the Wise

by tjbeitelman


Thirty+ Things WE Are Loving Right Now

by sophiakartsonis

Fall, my fleeting but favorite of the seasons. I am eleven kinds of dorky over all of its charms, from the natural kaleidoscopic blizzard that’s kicking up a little already to the dream I become for the marketers of fifty shades of pumpkin (flavoring) from the coffees (mentioned below) to beer, hard ciders, to English muffins and Trader Joe’s Greek Yogurt, I adore it all, shamelessly. I wanted to hear what is moving others about this time of year so I asked a bunch of people to tell me one thing they were loving right now: Read the rest of this entry »

To Do List

by mark neely

If you keep a “things to do” list, you know there is no magic moment when everything is checked off and you no longer have “things to do.”

If you ever have achieved this magic moment you are 1) unemployed, 2) childless, and 3) have a live-in chef/housekeeper. Or maybe you are just incredibly efficient and organized. If so, I don’t like you.

“Things to do” can get in the way of the things you want to do. These things are always an excellent excuse. Answering email or going to the grocery store are both easier and require less thought than writing chapter three. I have a friend who calls this (substituting one task for a harder task) “virtuous procrastination.”


Usually “things to do” come first–they are pressing, urgent, affect the lives of family and colleagues.

But if I let my to-do list stop me from writing for very long I become listless, angry, despairing, impossible, or some combination of the four.

Although it isn’t always possible, there are times when I put writing first, and the to-do list second, knowing I will pay for it later.

Here is a different kind of list. Things I do when I want to get my writing blood cells moving towards the brain. Read the rest of this entry »

When you line up the dots, and the path they make isn’t where you meant them to lead you…

by kathrinewright

It’s time to move the dots.

Or change the dots.

Or get rid of dots altogether and use another analogy.

Like this. I have made a lovely life filled with stars. They are not dots, though they appear to be, by naked eye.

When life hands you a telescope, you better go out in the dark and see more.

When you know (know) how it should be, you are obligated to make it so.

Tomorrow (today) you could be almost 50 and realize how short the distance is until your end of the road. How long the distance is to where you need to go.

And it’s time now to get there, go there, make do, make it happen, move the metaphor, mix the message, mind the gap, build the bridge, bind the wheat, do the work to find the way.

Kalo Mina!

by ajanefountas

Καλο μηνα, pronounced kalo mina, literally means “good month.” It is a Greek wish expressed to others on the first day of the month. Like today, the first day of October. I wish you a good month!

“Good,” I often think, gets short shrift. The word “great” has come to overshadow “good.” But I like “good.” It’s meaningful. “Great” easily becomes overrated, but to be good at something, to do good, well, that’s something solid.

So when I wish you a good month, or kalo mina, or καλο μηνα, I really do hope you have a solidly good month. You might even want to make a list right now. What would make this month a good month for you?

My list: (1) write many new words toward a certain project, (2) better understand product management, (3) enjoy a trip east. Your list, like mine, doesn’t have to be long. Not many things have to happen to make a month good. Just do good things for yourself and others.