30 Things I Love Right Now

by tjbeitelman

(1) Ten Good Songs. Which is to say: (2) “One of These Days” by (3) the Drive-by Truckers, (4) “Six White Horses” by (5) Gillian Welch (who must be the [M]atron Saint/Siren of the Bearded Men of Try 101), (6) “Be My Husband” as sung by (7) Lisa Hannigan or, of course, (8) Nina Simone(9) All Those Girls” by (10) Jolie Holland, (11) “Boeing 737” by (12) the Low Anthem, (13) “Hell Broke Luce” by (14) Tom Waits, (15) “Window Sill” by (16) the Arcade Fire, (17) “Little Bird” by (the aforementioned) Lisa Hannigan, (18) “Something in the Way” by (19) Nirvana, (20) “Longing to Belong” by (21) Eddie Vedder. | (22) Which is to say: Mixes. | (23) Being “in the mix” — the saying, the endeavor itself. | (24) My well-read hematologist, who is always late and who likes craft beer. This time I knew to bring a novel, which seemed especially appropriate. Speaking of which: (25) This Side of Brightness by Colum McCann, which is the novel I was reading while I waited in my hematologist’s office. | (26) “Okay. Well. Is that okay? I think we’re done here. You’re fine. It was good to get to know you. I’ll be on the look-out for your book. Have a nice life.” — My Hematologist. | (27) Live music. | (28) Athens, Georgia. |  (29) The Watsons of Athens. | (30) Ramak of Atlanta.