30 Things I Love Right Now

by tjbeitelman

(1) My girlfriend. | (2) My dog. | (3) My family. | (4) My friends. | (5) My job. | (6) My house. | (7) My day-to-day life. | (8) Which is (also) to say: #1 – #7 as a nod to something akin to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, at least in terms of an emotional/creative life well-lived. My energies are limited, my time is limited. I want and need to focus. I want and need to know what’s important. To feel it. I’m more and more aware of that fact these days. This awareness feels very good to me. It’s such a relief to stop, lie down in green pastures, etc. Speaking of which… | (9) Green pastures, especially ones on the outskirts of…  | (10) Athens, Alabama. Also… | (11) The Tennessee River. | (12) Green walls too. | (13) Thinking about how things are. But more than that, just… (14) How things are. | (15) Not thinking so much about how things used to be. | (16) Not thinking so much, period. | (17) Books. (Reading isn’t exactly thinking, you know. It’s something else. Or it can be.) Namely (but not exclusively)… | (18) Flock Book by Katie Umans and… (19) Doll Studies: Forensics by Carol Guess. | (20) C. S. Lewis. | (21) Saturday morning. | (22) Sunday morning. | (23) Sunshine. | (24) Clean windows. | (25) Seeing and feeling #23 through #24. | (26) Having seen/heard (finally) Jay Farrar play music live, especially having seen/heard him with Eddie and Jason. (Even though it was a Tuesday night and I turned into a pumpkin at 9:00 p.m. [please see #8 above, specifically the part about limited energies] and the drunk lady behind me kept asking me who was playing and if I could spell it for her, all while the band tore into one of my, like, top-five all-time favorite songs,* which I was hoping against hope to hear all night. Which in retrospect is pretty funny and probably even a little fitting. Something about expectations, the futility/folly of waiting for what you think you want, etc.) | (27) *“Drown” by Son Volt. Which I heard. (Sort of.) Live. This past Tuesday night. | (28) Falling Cars and Junkyard Dogs: Portraits from a Musical Life by Jay Farrar. | (29) Self-imposed three-day weekend. | (30) Summer coming.