Labor of Love

by tjbeitelman



I’ve spent the last two weeks falling in love with someone. I am happy to report that this someone has spent the last two weeks falling in love with me. I am at least as happy to report that she’s a storyteller. A good one.

A few things make this pertinent to the Try 101 endeavor:

  • This fundamentally human experience — falling in love with someone — makes me want to create something.
  • Such fundamentally human experiences are — in themselves — creating something.
  • Listening to — not just listening to but investing in — somebody else’s stories nourishes the creative spirit.

Then there’s also this:

The effort it takes to love someone well is the very same effort it takes to create something — anything — worthwhile. They both require bravery and faith. Optimism. Focus. Immersion. Patience. A commitment to the now of the process. A delight in gestation. A willful ignorance of everything and anything that can go wrong. A willingness to change and be changed.

It’s not called a “labor of love” for nothing.