I Did It!

by laura didyk

I read about this twist on New Year’s resolutions from a writer and teacher named Lisa Romeo and decided to try it out. It’s the “I Did It” List instead of a “Things I Promise to Do in the New Year but Probably Won’t Because the Goals and Expectations I Place Upon Myself Are Totally Unrealistic and Don’t Account for the Unpredictability and Nuances of Actual Life Being Lived” List.

My list includes anything I did this year that helped, supported, encouraged, and affirmed my creative life in 2012:

  • Said “yes! thank you!” to freelance and part-time work, including teaching gigs (yes, thank you, Roeliff Jansen Library!).
  • Took a 6-day trip to Seattle where I visited fellow Try contributor and dear friend, and got an inspiration fix talking with her about writing and creativity (and dining on amazing food fixed by her ultra-talented husband).
  • On that same trip, attended a poetry workshop led by the Dickman brothers at the Hugo House and went to the boisterous and fun reading that same night.
  • Resurrected my blog.
  • Applied to 3 residencies—in the spirit of taking myself seriously and admitting: I AM WRITING A BOOK. Results: 1 rejection (Yaddo), 1 acceptance (MacDowell!), 1 TBD (Millay).
  • Signed a 12-week writing contract agreement (inspired by this article) with aforementioned dear friend, and as a result I have written upwards of 25 new (drafted) pages toward the book in the last 8 weeks!
  • In total in 2012, I wrote more than 60 new pages for the book (though it was really the residency applications this past summer that pushed me into its center and the contract agreement that kept me writing straight into it).
  • Bought myself a new car (which has eased my mind considerably, and an eased mind, in my experience, is the best kind to have for creating).
  • Got new head shots taken.
  • Organized all my office supplies, files, etc. See above note about “eased mind.”
  • Taught, taught, taught…a total of 5 courses in 2012.
  • Started my drop-in Writing Practice for Everyone group which has been a great success (and such fun for me).
  • Cultivated friendships with brave, creative, inspired (and inspiring) people.
  • Saw lots of movies! (Thank you Berkshire Film Fest!).
  • Took a job at the Book Loft: I’m getting to know my community; I’m handling, talking, and reading books (more than ever!); I have a place where I get to be my extroverted self and be appreciated for it; all the people-ing makes coming home and working alone that much easier and more productive.
  • Became a student again by attending community writing classes (yes, thank you, Mark Wunderlich, and Jessica Treat!).

What did you do?

Happy New Year!