30 Things I Love Right Now: Rebecca Wendt

by tjbeitelman

1. The phrase/the concept: “attainable indulgences.”

2. This: “She was catching and recording life’s visual fireflies.” Written by Ken Tanaka in reference to the photographer Vivian Maier.

3. The story of the discovery of Vivian Maier’s photograph collection and being able to see her enormous body of work. See http://www.vivianmaier.com/ but I like the newest book, Vivian Maier: Out of the Shadows, too.

4. Vivian Maier and the mystery that surrounds her.

5. That friends send me photos of weird bugs for me to identify.

6. Walkingstick Bugs (the latest photo was of a Western Short-horn Walkingstick – Parabacillus hesperus). So darn cool.

7. I live in a country where it’s normally pretty easy to register to vote and to vote.

8. Watching parents bring their kids to the polls so they can see how it all works (and getting surprisingly teary-eyed because of this).

9. Thinking about when my parents did the same for me lo these many (many) years ago.

10. People who wear their “I voted” stickers.

11. That said, I’m ever so glad that the ridiculous election robo calls, icky ads, and other election nastiness are finally OVER for a spell.

12. That what I worried about on Tuesday didn’t come to pass.

[*…And skipping the number 13.]

14. A Red-tailed Hawk circling above downtown during rush hour traffic.

15. Leaves falling in slow spirals.

16. Finding inspiration during a long walk.

17. That I made a couple of nice pieces during the beginning pottery class I just finished.

18. Feeling free of extra commitments for bit.

19. Contemplating what new art/craft/skill to try my hands at next.

20. Cell phones for the ability to communicate in otherwise scary situations.

21. Cold weather is heading our way after persistent temperatures in the 80s (80 is great but just weird in November).

22. Belatedly planning a winter garden.

23. Planning home-made gifts.

24. Anticipating a long weekend.

25. Reflections of fall foliage in the river.

26. Watching the dedicated fishermen standing in the river as I make my way to work every morning.

27. Homemade minestrone with lots of freshly grated parmesan.

28. Butternut squash barlotto (again with the freshly grated parmesan).

29. Paint is on sale at Sherwin Williams this weekend.

30. The thought of freshly painted walls.


Rebecca Wendt is the editor-in-chief of Quarterly Speed Bump Magazine.