30 Things WE Love Right Now: An Invitation

by tjbeitelman

Okay. So:

And so here’s the question:

  • What’s ONE thing you really love right now?

[Thinking, thinking, thinking…]

It can be a big thing or a small thing. Profound or mundane. Tangible, intangible. Animal. Vegetable. Mineral. Etc.

Got it? Nice. Now share it with us in the comments section! I’ll start…


PS: Can we get to 30? I don’t know. I do know this: we don’t have to stop at 30!

PPS: …and you can damn sure post more than once! Whenever the spirit moves you…

PPS: …and don’t worry about doubling up. If you love something someone else loves, that’s like a double bonus of love and that’s awesome.

PPS: …that said, everybody loves coffee. (What’s not to love?) So maybe pick something else?