Quotes to Write By: William Trevor

by ajanefountas

“I read hungrily and delightedly, and have realized since that you can’t write unless you read.”

“I think self-confidence is a very dangerous thing for writers. I tend to write in a fragile, edgy, doubtful sort of way, trying things out all the time, never confident that I’ve got something right.”

“It’s a strange trinity—the person, the writer, the analyst. I try to keep the first and the last out of what I do.”

“If a novel is like an intricate Renaissance painting, the short story is an Impressionist painting. It should be an explosion of truth. Its strength lies in what it leaves out just as much as what it puts in, if not more. It is concerned with the total exclusion of meaninglessness. Life, on the other hand, is meaningless most of the time. The novel imitates life, where the short story is bony, and cannot wander. It is essential art.”

William Trevor, The Art of Fiction No. 108
Interviewed by Mira Stout in the Paris Review