30 Things I Love Right Now

by laura didyk

1. My new Ikea chair [no company gave money to support this item on my list]

2. West Wing (“It’s all you, Kiddo” —Martin Sheen/Jed Bartlet, from Laura’s Dream in 2003). For example:

3. This practice: Not complaining. About anything. For at least 48 hours. (Starting now.)

4. New part time job, here.

5. A grant, awarded, to me. Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation, I kiss your feet.

6. “Heartbroken Forever” by Tender Forever (go ahead, play it, you can listen while you read the rest of my list)

7. Sudoko. No kidding. On my phone. Moderate level of difficulty (but not harder than that).

8. Close Is Fine, short stories by Eliot Treichel. From “Good Potato Soil”:

We’d finally bagged the mess of our kitchen. We’d cleared everything, the dirty plates, every cup, all the food-encrusted cookware. Even if it wasn’t spoiled, or wrecked, or ours, it all got put in trash bags and moved to the top of the barn wall. That was what we had—a warm summer night, and some moment of starlight and will.

9. Saturday mornings.

10. A neatly made bed.

11. A neatly made morning.

12. A neatly made mess.

13. Cup of coffee #2.

14. Salmon (later).

15. The word: “jaguar.”

16. Being half-way through (some good things behind, and who knows what ahead).

17. Fall.

18. Thursday night sundae: Vanilla frozen yogurt + hot fudge + rainbow sprinkles (the sprinkles remind me of childhood, the good parts)

19. Deep breaths.

20. Realization that I’m an enjambment addict in my poetry.

21. Knowing that while enjambment is well
and good when used rightly, it becomes
an accomplice to the Self—all the breaking
a distraction so you don’t know that
I don’t know what my Self is saying.

23. Mail.

24. Singing “Round Here” by the Counting Crows while I drive places.

25. The Talking Heads (always and ever)

26. This quote about the Talking Heads by Anthony Kiedis from the Red Hot Chili Peppers during the TH’s induction into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame:

[My friend] put on ‘Psychokiller,’ and I absolutely freaked out. I made him play that song over and over and over again because it was like nothing else I had ever heard and it made me feel like nothing else I had ever felt. Some very strange things happened to me… For one thing, I felt smart.


28. Music!

29. More music!

30. Gag reels: