Living Where I Live: A Box

by tjbeitelman

A box came to my house yesterday. (My house is kind of boxy in its own right.) Anyway, I opened the box. My dog didn’t care either way what was in the box. The day before the box came, I learned I have two compression fractures in my neck. (This is painful though somewhat less debilitating than one might suspect.) I woke the day the box came not knowing the box would come (in fact suspecting the box would never come) but knowing it was the day my mother would have turned 75. On my way to work, I thought and almost said out loud, “I wonder if Mom’s paying much attention to me these days.” I think I thought I knew the answer. And then, that evening, the box came. I opened it. My dog didn’t care either way. This is how she (my dog and also probably my mom) keeps me honest.