30 Things THEY Love Right Now.

by theyogaofcake

I asked 30 people to tell me what they are lovin on this final day in August here’s what some of them had to say….

1. I love pajamas SO MUCH. 2. Shrimp shumai. 3. Falling asleep to the sound of Coqui Frogs every night. 4.Vegan barbecue sauce. 5. Cajun tater tots. 6. Music 7. Praying Mantis’ (they are so unbelievably interesting.) 8. Ocean Sunsets! 9. Snuggling. 10. Flannel sheets. 11. Boogie Peter. 12. Water. 13. Sunshine. 14. Naps in the middle of the workweek! 15. Portland ! 16. Morning coffee…. 17. My happy home. 18. Public transportation. 19. Canadian TV show Being Erica 🙂 21. The feeling of a child’s hand in mine. 22. Cool nights and open windows. 23. My little dog that barks way too much. 24. My new NYU home at NYU!  25. Blue Moon’s. 26. I love this post. And lamp. I love…lamp. 27. So you think you can dance. 28. Bubble tattoos to remind myself to lighten up.  29. Radiance YOGA. 30. The Berkshires and the people in them.