30 Things I Love Right Now

by laura didyk

I’ve decided to do this list quickly. I’ve lately been suffering from a huge, bad, awful case of Perfectionism…I’ve been working on a blog post for my own blog for almost five days. FIVE! Totally unnecessary. So this post I hope to do in like five minutes (or ten or fifteen…but no more than fifteen).

1. This quote from writer Caroline Sharp:

I have long believed that the greatest pitfall of my profession is the desire *to be a writer*.

2. The idea of keeping an Idea Book.
3. That I have three memoirs on my stack to read, all by women.
4. The anticipation of fall.
5. The anticipation of falling into the beating heart of my memoir (a heart that is currently either not beating or is smothered so completely by unnecessary narrative that I can’t hear it).
6. Anticipation.
7. This from Edmund Gosse, published in 1907:

There was a secret in this world and it belonged to me and to a somebody who lived in the same body with me. There were two of us, and we could talk to one another.

8. This from poet Richard Hugo excerpted from his book The Triggering Town:

[Criticism] offered well, can help…writers develop a method of self-criticism, always a necessity. But at the base of such an approach is the notion that the writer’s problems are literary. In truth, the writer’s problems are usually psychological, like everyone else’s.

9. Blue Berkshire sky.
10. How the trees on my regular walk are so big and so riddled with personality, I half-expect them to start talking to each other (maybe they are).
11. Food fresh from the ground.
12. Arrival of this book: by Brenda Miller and Holly J. Hughes:

13. That I carry this weird embarrassment in my DNA about posting things or writing things myself that combine writing and anything overtly spiritual—there are reasons for this embarrassment, but that’s a different list, composed mostly of one item: “what _____ and ______ and ______ will think of me,” and also a fear of being cliche which is so easy to do in that area, that field… Feeling all of this but posting it anyway, because I bought it, and because I really like the authors (if you sign up for their free newsletter you’ll get a fun, lively, genuine letter/email from one of them once a week…letter writing is one of their suggested contemplative-writing practices).
14. That those authors are being themselves in a literary world that can choke the life out of the sensitive among us. And I need other people to lead the way.
15. Embarrassed by #14, but wrote it anyway.
16. That I have to pee but am so committed to this list I’m not getting up until I finish!
17. Service.
18. That it’s still technically “morning.”
19. Watching my plants spring to life after I’ve watered them.
20. That my plants (all four of them) are still alive after more than two years. They have all had close calls but pulled through. A first for me.
21. I think now I’m allowed to have a pet, right?
22. Breakfast.
23. That I’ve lost some weight without trying…just by eating my vegetables.
24. Capers.
25. Edamame.
26. The green of edamame:

27. The phrase “look alive”… it’s kind of funny, and good advice.
28. Being alive.
29. Not knowing what’s next (except that…. see #30)
30. I have to pee and can do that now.