Notes-to-Self: from 11.07.10

by tjbeitelman

This, copied word-for-word (and pondered and re-pondered), from Bob Dylan’s Chronicles:

“I can’t say I’d seen any performances that were like spiritual experiences until I went to Lomax’s loft. I pondered it. I wasn’t ready to act on any of it but knew somehow, though, that if I wanted to stay playing music, that I would have to claim a larger part of myself. I would have to overlook a lot of things — a lot of things that might even need attention — but that was all right. They were things that I probably felt totally powerless over, anyway. I had the map, could even draw it freehand if I had to. Now I knew I’d have to throw it away. Not today, not tonight, sometime soon, though…”

Are there any maps you know by heart and (therefore) have to throw away if you’re going to claim a larger part of your creative spirit? Maybe there aren’t, and that’s fine. But it’s usually not a terrible idea to ponder such questions, even (or especially) if you’re not ready to act on the answers yet.


Notes-to-Self are real-life excerpts of resurrected insight from real-life notebooks. (What do your old notebooks still want you to know? Feel free to share it in the comments section, if you’re feeling generous…)