Living Where I Live: Do-mi-mi, Mi-so-so

by laura didyk

When you know the notes to sing
You can sing most anything…

It’s true. You really can. You can also watch a movie that’s 174 minutes long and leave the theater with your face hurting from smiling so much. I admit there was a little bit of a hunt involved trying to find the right friend to go with me, a friend who when I asked wouldn’t respond with “How long is it again?”

My friend Cristie said yes immediately, and she’s guaranteed fun; another friend, Lara (see below), ended up directly behind us. We all sang loud with the song lyrics subtitled on the screen, laughed our heads off as we booed the nazis, saluted Captain von Trapp when he entered the room, hissed when the Baroness did the same, and acted out the “doe, a deer” hand-jive routine we were taught before the movie started.

The best part about where we were sitting, ground floor, middle section, at the very back, was that we could see the whole audience, everyone, doing all the movements: making doe ears over their heads, using a single finger to make a shape in the air of a sun (ray), the flat hand over the brow and toward the north implying distance (far a long, long way to run), the graceful wrist action involved in air-sewing, the hoards of right arms stretched to the heavens opera-singing “laaaa!,” and the miming of a pinkies-up sip of ti. It was so freeing to know that not only were we allowed to sing-a-long with the movie, we were expected to.

This event definitely makes the top of my list of favorite cultural/entertainment experiences for 2012 (plus Christopher Plummer was CUTE!). Here is Lara, lovely as ever, and one of the many beautiful “girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes” present at the theater Saturday night:

And you can’t have a Sound of Music sing-a-long costume contest without some sisters from the convent:

The winner of the costume contest was a munchkin in a sequins dress portraying the Baroness (the girl on the far right looking out of the picture is so clearly Brigeeta):

I don’t know how unique this event is to Great Barrington, but I know it was completely my speed. A mix of ages. And nobody, it seemed, too cool to make doe ears one minute and bark a messy “Rolf! Rolf! Rolf” at the blonde, dreamy, misguided bike messenger the next… I certainly felt like I was 40 going on 17. I didn’t realize how much I needed a dip into something that wasn’t about being “productive” and “making progress.” Having good old-fashioned fun is important for every level of my health.

I forget sometimes.

Here’s one of my favorite sing-a-long scenes:

And just click on “Do-Re-Mi” below for more unbounded joy: