Trial & Error: An Invitation

by theyogaofcake

I call this practice Lesson Learning through Trail & Error by making the list of don’ts and discoveries; I invite you to make this list of essentially what you don’t want. Things tried that have not worked. The art of gaining knowledge that you did not have prior to an experience. Minds tend to say things we think are true- and it turns out sometimes not to be the case- but if we never try we would never know. The hope is to move towards oneself more.

This is in a way also a pilgrimage in discovering things about oneself. The learning seems to come usually afterwards and it’s the experience that is most interesting, once the afterwards hits you are able to see that- this information you in fact knew and held inside yourself all along. Thing is there was no avoiding the experience to find this out -this thing that you already knew. Maybe it’s one thing, maybe it’s many, and maybe it’s a bunch of little ones that add up to one big one. Whatever it is share your lives through your lessons tell us who you are not.  I just made my list at