Notes-to-Self: from 04.14.12

by tjbeitelman

…I am thinking about Boredom. Most of us would do anything not to be bored. Something, anything to stimulate us. Even if it’s something painful, uncomfortable, deleterious, etc. Even if it’s something that makes things worse — even more boring and/or more painful down the line.

Also: a lot of the quickest, easiest stimulants are that kind. TV. Caffeine. Alcohol. Volatile relationships. Things to consume — things that consume.

Making something is a better stimulant. Still a stimulant, but better. Better (sustainable, sustaining), but harder.

Sitting. Breathing. Being. Doing nothing. — Best. Hardest.


Notes-to-Self are real-life excerpts of resurrected insight from real-life notebooks. (What do your old notebooks still want you to know? Feel free to share it in the comments section, if you’re feeling generous…)