Your Mission (If You Choose to Accept It)

by tjbeitelman

You have found Try 101.

This is a good thing. With that said…

Full disclosure: Try 101 is not for everyone. Only boring things and things that suck are for everyone.

With that said: That you’ve found your way here in the first place suggests Try 101 may be for you.

Which is to say: Try 101 is for anyone who wants to tap into the Creative Spirit.

Maybe you want to make things. Worthwhile things. Things for you. Things for Others.

Maybe you’re not too worried about making Something in Particular. It’s fine by you if you do, it’s fine by you if you don’t.

Either way, there’s a very good chance you want to strike a better balance — in your life, in the world — between creativity and consumption. That probably means adding more of the former and subtracting some of the latter.

Newsflash: that’s fucking hard. But it’s the work of the Creative Spirit. And the Creative Spirit has the power to transform, transcend, transubstantiate. You know that. Or else: you know that if Try 101 is the place for you.

Something else you know: to access the Creative Spirit, all you have to do is — wait for it — Try.

Stay tuned. Soon — in 44 40! short days — there will be a manifesto. It will be free to one and all. It will be found here.

But really it’ll all boil down to one simple word. Three guesses what it is.

Yes. You guessed it.


Says here you don’t necessarily need no stinking manifesto to get cracking on that particular mission.